If you placed order here prior to October 15 2006 please click here.

This page last updated on December 11, 2006. All orders from the clearance sale who's checks cleared prior to November 20th have now shipped.

Clearance Sale

   The clearance sale is now over. Anyone who mailed in an order on or before December 11th will receive their merchandise or a refund. My new job is not giving me much time to get the orders out but I am doing several a day and getting things wrapped up as fast as possible.  If your checked cleared prior to November 20th your order has already shipped. I have about 50% of the orders who's check cleared between November 20th and December 11th, the remainders will be shipping ASAP. There are also a few people with some inquiries and some problems from before the clearance sale, those are also being taken care of.

Matthew Crandell
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